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It was the great lyricist Oscar Hammerstein who wrote, “June is bustin' out all over.” All we have to do is to look around us to realize how appropriate that line is. Trees have broken out in leaves, flowers abound, and all around us seems to be bursting with life.

There is a spirit within each of us that wants to walk under those trees, to smell those flowers, and to be a part of summer. That spirit bursts from within us now, and we are anxious to be out of school and into the life under the summer sun.

This is as it should be. We are meant to enjoy life, and the summer offers us opportunities we have at no other time of the year. Yet, it is also a time when we must pause for a moment to remember that we are completing another year of school. And, while summer brings a momentary end to school, it does not bring an end to our education.

Our students over these past ten months have worked at their studies and learned many things which they did not know when school began. What our students learned was the result of many factors, not the least of which was their efforts; their individual efforts.

Now this school year draws to an end and summer approaches, but student learning continues, for all of life is school, and we learn by everything we do. This year in school has continued your education for life, but it is life itself that will complete your education.

It is my sincere wish for each and every one of you that the coming summer hold only pleasant experiences for all of us. May you live life to the fullest; may you enjoy it; and – may you learn.

Have a good summer!

Andrew Corey
Email: andrew.corey@sau41.org


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