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The SAU Mission and Vision statements paired with pictures 2023
5 pictures of SAU41 students across all ages

Our Schools

The mission of SAU41 is to ensure a strong, supportive learning environment focused on academic excellence. ‚ÄčOur staff is dedicated to fostering a love for learning so our students are empowered to reach their full potential.

News & Events

Hollis School Board Visits HPS

On October 12th, from 12:30pm-1:30pm, the Hollis School Board will be visiting HPS to observe third grade lunch and to take a tour of the renovated kitchen. While a quorum of the Board will be present, they do not intend to call to order nor to discuss articles usually prescribed to Board meetings.

The purpose of the visit is solely to witness the implementation of the “zero-waste” lunch program and to see how the renovated kitchen contributes to this mission. 

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By The Numbers


Students in PreK-12th grade

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Professional Staff

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Graduation Rate

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Devices for Grades 1-12