Registering New Students

Last Updated: 2/15/2021 2:10 PM

Welcome to Hollis Brookline High School!

Step 1: To begin the registration process, a parent or legal guardian must complete the SAU41 Pre-Registration Form.

Step 2: Gather the following documents:

  • Proof of Residency (2 forms of Residency):
    One of the following documents: Lease agreement that is signed and covering the current school year, Deed that is signed (finalized), or current property tax bill
    One of the following documents: Current utility bill indicating a Hollis, NH or Brookline, NH address. Accepted utility bills include electricity, home heating fuel, cable, internet, etc.
       Note: PO Boxes are not accepted for proof of residency.

  • Unofficial copy of transcript or report card(s) depending on grade.

  • Birth certificate

  • Immunizations and copy of recent physical

  • IEP or a 504 Accommodation plan, if applicable

  • Divorce decree or a parenting plan should be presented at the time of registration.
        (A) Legal Residence in Divorce/Custody matters: In a divorce decree or parenting plan developed pursuant to RSA 461-A, a child's legal residence for school attendance purposes may be the school district in which either parent resides, provided the parents agree in writing to the district which the child will attend and each parent furnishes the district with a copy to the school district which the parent resides. The parents shall update their parenting plan to reflect this agreement.
        (B) Nothing in this sub-paragraph shall require a school district to provide transportation for a child to another school in the school district which the child resides or beyond the geographical limits of the school district which the child resides. Both custodial parents and the student must be present during the registration, absent a parenting plan.

Step 3: Contact the HBHS School Counseling Office at 603-821-4477 x1117


Please refer to the Program of Studies for a list of courses offered at HBHS.