SAU 41 Governing Board Policies

Last Updated: 12/19/2022 5:17 PM

The SAU 41 Governing Board works with the Superintendent and is responsible for the SAU 41 Office budget and other planning, policies and oversight. Additionally, it is a vehicle for cooperation and collaboration between the three districts comprising SAU 41 since the Governing Board’s membership comprises the three school district Boards: the Brookline School Board, the Hollis Brookline Cooperative School Board, and the Hollis School Board



BBBH Organization and Operation of SAU Board

BDB Board Officers

BDD-R(A) Bd Superintendent Relations

BDD Superintendent Board Relationship

CBI-F1 Superintendent Evaluation (Long Form)

CBI-F2 Superintendent Evaluation Form

CBI-R Instructions for Superintendent Performance Review

CBI Superintendent Evaluation

CB-R School Superintendent

CB School Superintendent

ECAF Audio-Video Surveillance on School Buses

EHAA Computer Security

GAA Job Descriptions

GB Superintendent Job Description

GBEF Internet Access for Staff