Joint Loss Management Committee


1. For all staff to take pride in their workplace                        
2. To adhere to all safety protocols as outlined by OSHA and the State of New Hampshire
3. To utilize the most enviro
nmentally friendly cleaning products whenever possible
4. To ensure workplace safety and wellness 


Asbestos Notification
RMMS - pending
HPS- pending
HBMS - pending


JLMC Schedule

The Joint Loss Management Committee (JLMC) meets four times per year: October, January, April and June at 9am.  

Safety Handbook - Currently Being Revised​

Goals - Currently Being Revised​


Bob Ouellette, Chair Carrie Marsh, Secretary Dawna Bosquet
Kelly Ducharme Ed Hinckley Kelly Seeley
Lance Finamore Chuck Stohl James Beach
Ben Aria Dan Molinari Steve Cortez
Amy Cassidy Lynn DiZazzo Jenn Dubois
Alyssa Akhtar Matt Ostrowski  

* According to New Hampshire law, employers of five or more must establish Joint Loss Management Committees to assure safe and healthy working conditions. *



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