SAU 41 Governing Board

The SAU 41 Governing Board works with the Superintendent and is responsible for the SAU 41 Office budget and other planning, policies and oversight. Additionally, it is a vehicle for cooperation and collaboration between the three districts comprising SAU 41 since the Governing Board’s membership comprises the three school district Boards: the Brookline School Board, the Hollis Brookline Cooperative School Board, and the Hollis School Board. Meetings occur generally on a quarterly basis and more frequently as needed. Governing Board meetings rotate between the Hollis Brookline Middle School and Captain Samuel Douglass Academy so they are accessible to all members of our community.

Major initiatives are currently underway by committee for SAU 41 board approval, including the development of the SAU 41 Strategic Plan, collaboration with the teachers and support staff unions, and the non-affiliated personnel to find cost-effective alternatives to the current expensive health care plans offered to employees.



Board Officers

Erin Sarris
Board Chair
Term 2022
Cindy VanCoughnett 
Vice Chair 
Term  2023
Tammy Fareed 
Term 2021

Brooke Arthur 
Term 2023



Upcoming Meetings