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From powering up a Chromebook in class to accessing engaging learning resources instantly, this seamless learning experience relies heavily on the dedicated efforts of the SAU41 Technology Department.

Beyond classrooms, our tech team ensures staff and students have access to the technology resources they need via a stable and secure technology infrastructure that paves the way for effective learning and teaching across the district.

The SAU41 Technology Department provides and maintains a diverse tech ecosystem, including:

  • Student devices: Managing school-issued Chromebooks for all students in grades 1-12
  • Network infrastructure: Building and maintaining secure wired and wireless networks that connect every school building, office, and classroom, guaranteeing reliable and fast internet access.
  • Hardware support: Purchasing, troubleshooting, repairing, and replacing all technology, from staff/student devices and interactive flat panels to phone systems, security cameras, and sound systems, minimizing downtime to keep learning uninterrupted.
  • Software solutions: Implementing, and supporting educational software applications, ensuring they align with curriculum, data privacy standards, and enhance the K-12 learning experience.
  • Data security: Safeguarding sensitive student and staff information with robust cybersecurity measures including firewalls, data encryption, and regular security audits.