Welcome to the SAU 41 Business Office

Serving the Brookline School District


The SAU 41 Business Office has administrative responsibility for the management and coordination of the following functions:

  1. Care and upkeep of the school district’s facilities

  2. Food and Nutrition services

  3. Purchasing and Bids {click to go to Invitation to Bid}

  4. Human Resources

  5. Technology

  6. Risk management and liability {click to go to the Health and Safety Committee Page}

  7. District insurance programs

  8. Equipment procurement and repairs

  9. Coordination of district’s utilities

  10. Fiscal management of federal, state and local grants

It is the mission of the Business Office to provide quality services and support to the educational programs, operations and internal and external customers of the Brookline School District. The Business Office is committed to excellence, quality and efficiency in the allocation of district resources for general operations. The department is dedicated to creating, monitoring and analyzing costs to find ways to operate the district in the most cost-effective manner without jeopardizing efficiency or effectiveness.

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4 Lund Lane

Hollis, NH 03049

Tel: 603-324-5999
Fax: 603-465-3933

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