SAU 41 Budget

Budget information for the current year budget development, as well as previous fiscal years can be found at the links on the right. Information on the current fiscal year's proposed budget will be updated as the budget moves through the various stages of development, presentation and approval by the voters.

SAU 41 Budget Process

The budget process generally involves the following steps:

  1. The Superintendent requests that each school board and budget/finance committee supply a representative to the SAU 41 Budget Sub-Committee. (August)

  2. The Superintendent presents the preliminary SAU 41 budget to the sub-committee for review and creation of the first draft.  (September)

  3. The SAU 41 Governing Board Treasurer along with the Business Administrator go through the first budget draft with the Governing Board capturing all feedback. (October)

  4. The SAU 41 Budget Sub-Committee reconvenes  to create the final draft using the feedback from the Governing Board  and other information relevant to the process. (November)

  5. The final draft budget is presented to the Governing Board and the voters during a public hearing. Using the public input given at the hearing, the Governing Board finalizes the budget that will be part of each school board's warrant article based on a formula that uses ADM and equalized valuation to split the budget between each school district. (December)

  6. The results of each district's votes on their portion of the SAU budget are realized during the annual meetings for Hollis and the COOP and on voting day for Brookline. (March)

  7. Each district's votes are combined to determine if the SAU budget has passed or failed. (March) 

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