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Hollis School District

Brookline School District

Hollis Brookline Cooperative School District

What is an SAU?In New Hampshire, School Administrative Units (SAUs) are responsible for managing the education system within their respective districts. An SAU is typically comprised of one or more towns, which share administrative and financial oversight of their public schools. Each SAU is run by a governing board, which is responsible for setting policies, overseeing budgets, and ensuring that all students receive a quality education. Each district within the SAU is governed by a school board which is responsible for setting policies, overseeing budgets, and ensuring that all students receive a quality education.

SAUs in New Hampshire also work closely with the state's Department of Education to comply with state and federal regulations, such as those related to curriculum standards and student testing. Overall, SAUs play a critical role in ensuring that all students in New Hampshire have access to a quality education and the resources they need to succeed.

At SAU41, we focus on collaboration, communication, and continuous improvement with all stakeholders to ensure our students are prepared to be the next generation of leaders, innovators, and engaged citizens.


Mission and vision

The vision of SAU41 is to help students acquire the knowledge and life skills for academic, social, and emotional success:

  • The SAU41 schools establish and fulfill standards for academic excellence that are competitive at the state, regional, national, and international levels as benchmarked against recommendations by renowned independent bodies.
  • The SAU41 schools educate students to be critical thinkers, creative problem- solvers, effective communicators, and socially responsible, engaged citizens who are college and workforce ready.
  • The SAU41 schools use data from multiple and varied assessments to improve student learning; every student makes or exceeds expected annual progress.
  • The staff, services, and culture enhance student self-esteem and employ a variety of strategies to meet the academic, social, emotional, and safety needs of all students.
  • The professional learning community evolves and adopts best practices for learning; administrators and staff members are supported in their work and are compensated fairly and competitively.
  • The School Boards, administrators, and staff engage students, families, and the community through effective communication of priorities, plans, and progress.
  • The school districts in SAU 41 are models for sound fiscal responsibility and integrity.

Each district in SAU41 has a comprehensive district report card that measures its performance against SMART goals.