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Voter Information


Welcome to the voter information page! We hope that you'll find some guidance on the town voting processes here. 

If you have any questions, please reach out to any of the schools or the following:

SAU Central Office: (603) 324-5999

Hollis Town Hall: (603) 465-2209

Brookline Town Hall: (603) 673-8855



Annual Meeting Materials:






Take a look at the Superintendent's Newsletter (December 2023) for a concise overview of the voting process!

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Superintendent Newsletter Dec 2023

Important Dates

Hollis                                                                                         COOP                                                                                  Brookline

2/13/24- Hollis Public Hearing (6:30pm, Town Hall)

3/14/24- Hollis Annual Meeting (7pm, HBMS)

2/19/24-COOP Public Hearing (6:30pm, HBMS)

3/19/24- COOP Annual Meeting (6:30pm, HBHS)

1/10/24-Public Hearing (6:30pm, RMMS)

2/7/24- Deliberative Session (6:30pm, CSDA)

3/12/24- Voting Session (7a-7:30p, CSDA)