Andrew Corey
SAU 41 Superintendent

Superintendent's Message

Dear Parents, Guardians and Community Members,


The start of the school year has gone exceptionally well.  Our administration, staff and students are quickly settling into a routine.


Principals Fowler, Molinari, Dobe, Thompson, Izbicki and Barnes welcomed new and returning students.  The buildings were filled with song, games, laughter and a sense of pride as both staff and students prepare for a new year of learning.  The HBMS and HBHS staffs welcomed seventh and ninth graders to half day orientations.  Students went through their schedules, practiced their locker combinations and started new friendships while re-establishing old ones.  At our elementary and primary schools, students were also welcomed by song and games as our teachers made all our safety procedures into fun adventures for our youngest learners.    I would be remiss if I did not take this opportunity to thank our custodial staff for all of their efforts.  Our buildings looked remarkable; all the room changes, movement of material and cleaning were completed.  Many areas received a fresh coat of paint, and all minor maintenance projects were addressed.


The lower parking lot has been paved and is ready for use at the HBHS, we increased our mulch on our playgrounds, seal coated the parking lots at RMMS and CSDA and are progressing with renovations and upgrades outlined in our Hollis Energy Project.   The front entryway at RMMS has been upgraded (thank you to all our wonderful volunteers), the HBMS and HBHS, CSDA and RMMS upgraded their security camera system and HPS replaced its sound system and painted the Learning Commons Area.  The new furniture was delivered to the HPS Learning Commons (thank you to our PTA for this generous donation).  At HUES, we removed the oil tank and replaced it with propane.  The new boiler is installed and will be tested next week.  The HUES gym roof was replaced and the solar panels are scheduled to be installed.  The gym at CSDA received a fresh coat of paint while RMMS installed a water filtration system, updated their water fountains and completed phase one of painting classrooms and hallways. We continue to expand our wireless capabilities across the SAU; have purchased mobile computer labs, updated to Cat6 wiring at both HPS and RMMS and expanded our “learning commons” approach to the HBMS, HPS and RMMS. Thank you to everyone who was involved in making these projects a reality. 


In closing, allow me to once again take this opportunity to thank all of you for entrusting us with your children.  I look forward to meeting more students, families and community members as we move through the school year.




District Mission & Goals


The mission of SAU 41 is to ensure a strong, supportive learning environment focused on academic excellence.

The vision of SAU 41 is to help students acquire the knowledge and life skills for academic, social, and emotional success:

  • The SAU 41 schools establish and fulfill standards for academic excellence that are competitive at the state, regional, national, and international levels as benchmarked against recommendations by renowned independent bodies.

  • The SAU 41 schools educate students to be critical thinkers, creative problem- solvers, effective communicators, and socially responsible, engaged citizens who are college and workforce ready.

  • The SAU 41 schools use data from multiple and varied assessments to improve student learning; every student makes or exceeds expected annual progress.

  • The staff, services, and culture enhance student self-esteem and employ a variety of strategies to meet the academic, social, emotional, and safety needs of all students.

  • The professional learning community evolves and adopts best practices for learning; administrators and staff members are supported in their work and are compensated fairly and competitively.

  • The School Boards, administrators, and staff engage students, families, and the community through effective communication of priorities, plans, and progress.

  • The school districts in SAU 41 are models for sound fiscal responsibility and integrity.

  • Each district in SAU 41 has a comprehensive district report card that measures its performance against SMART goals.


Given the tremendous amount of input received, the Steering Committee feels that the mission, vision, goals, and strategies that make up the Strategic Plan reflect the educational priorities of Hollis and Brookline’s elected officials, School Board members, parents, staff, and students. At each stage of the Plan’s development, the Steering Committee repeatedly reached out to the public to be sure that what the communities wanted is embodied in the Strategic Plan seen in the following pages. The Steering Committee is appreciative of leadership of the New England School Development Council in working with us in this process.

Read the 2012-2017 Strategic Plan.

"The SAU41 Strategic Plan is used to guide us in the planning, implementation, and evaluation of the Mission, Goals, and Objectives approved by the SAU Governing Board."

Assistant Superintendent, Gina Bergskaug, has focused her efforts on our 21st Century Learning goals. Science, Technology, Engineering, Reading, the Arts, and Mathematics (STREAM) have been a priority for the SAU. At our elementary level, we continue to focus our efforts on the enhancement of our science curriculum while providing opportunities for acceleration in math. Our “Maker Space” rooms have provided our youngest learners with engaging hands-on opportunities. In Brookline, Mr. Dobe, Mr. Molinari, and their staff continue the implementation of our new enVisions math program. We will be providing the Board and the communities with regular updates regarding progress on these important areas. At the Cooperative level, we have adjusted our curriculum to provide an accelerated opportunity in Biology at ninth grade. These budget(s) also include funding for the continued expansion of elementary science while integrating tech-rich experiences in writing and physics for our high school students. These opportunities, combined with the new high school science lab funded last year, will allow our students to continue to expand their academic horizons. As stated, another area of focus is maintaining and, when possible, upgrading our physical plants. Last year, we seal coated our high school and middle school parking lots and completed tile replacement in both Brookline schools as outlined in our Capital Improvements Plan.

Our Community


Hollis is located in Hillsborough County, New Hampshire, United States. The population was 7,684 at the 2010 census. The town center village is listed on the National Register of Historic Places as Hollis Village Historic District. The town was incorporated in the province of New Hampshire on April 3, 1746 as Holles but later was switched to Hollis, which is another story altogether.

The Town of Brookline is located in Hillsborough County, New Hampshire with a population of 5011 as of 2011. First a part of Dunstable, Massachusetts, then settled as West Hollis, the town was granted in 1769 as Raby. Governor John Wentworth named it after his cousin, the 4th Earl of Strafford and Baron of Raby Castle. The town was renamed in 1798 at the suggestion of a leading citizen who was originally from Brookline, Massachusetts.

Today, the towns of Hollis and Brookline have a thriving equestrian community, with much of the landscape encompassing gently rolling pastures, apple orchards, and picturesque local farms and farmhouses. The towns also serve as bedroom communities for the Boston area as well as major New Hampshire cities.

SAU 41 serves three school districts:

  • Brookline: a PreK-6 elementary district consisting of the Richard Maghakian Memorial School (Grades PreK-3) and the Captain Samuel Douglass Academy (Grades 4-6)

  • Hollis: a grade PreK-6 elementary district consisting of the Hollis Primary School (Grade PreK-3) and the Hollis Upper Elementary School (Grade 4-6)

  • Hollis Brookline Cooperative School District: serving grades 7-12 in two buildings, the Hollis Brookline Middle School (Grades 7-8) and the Hollis Brookline High School (Grades 9-12)




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If you have any questions about this notice or would like to make a donation to any of the School Districts and/or their programs, please do not hesitate to contact Kelly Seeley, Business Administrator, SAU 41 (central office for all Hollis and Brookline schools) at or 603-324-5999.

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